This plan is created using black granite boulders and black granite decorative stone. Subtle rolling mounds are created to add some height to your space and give the boulders a natural feel.

  • 6 Black Granite Boulders
  • Decorative Black Granite Stone
  • High Grade Landscape Fabric
  • High Grade Landscape Edging
  • 23 Shrubs & Grasses
  • 1 Tree
  • Premium Blue Grass Sod
  • Professional Instalation

STARTING AT $4,900.00 + GST

* Pricing dependant on lot size

*Landscape pricing is for a new build with grading completed

*Front yard Sides and rear of house are not included

Landscaping packages are the perfect way to get a professional landscape installed on your new Winnipeg home. Pre-designed , Beautiful Landscape. The Lakestone landscape gets it's inspiration from a dry riverbed. This is created using rolling mounds and multiple sizes of boulders. The hearty plant life will truly grow with your project to give you beauty for years to come.
Manufactured by: Inspired Landscapes Inc.
$4,900.00 New